Saturn South Energy and Smart Grid

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Saturn South specialises in circuit-level switching and metering products for the remote management and monitoring of electrical loads and generators.

The Saturn Energy series of products constitute a complete hardware platform for the next generation of Energy Services; including consumer insight into energy consumption, energy efficiency services, and distributed Demand Management programs.

Insight: Saturn Energy gives consumers and utilities the capability to view site energy consumption at the level of individual circuits in real time.

Control: Saturn Energy devices can be used to connect and disconnect loads and generators remotely; serving as a platform for load shedding applications, building energy management, and remote control by consumers.

Efficiency: The Saturn Energy series helps to promote energy efficiency by offering consumers an immediate insight into their energy consumption.

Saturn South

Rapid Response: Saturn Energy provides network operators with near real-time control and monitoring of circuits and devices, enabling a range of responsive Demand Management services.

Low Operational Cost: Saturn Energy hardware utilises existing communications infrastructure at the site, enabling a very low cost per dispatch and ease of installation.

Security: Enterprise grade security ensures that customer data is kept secret and safe at all times.

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